Just getting into skiing or snowboarding?

Renting is a cost efficient way to introduce you to either Skiing or Snowboarding. This is especially true if you’re in a lesson program or taking private lessons for the first time. Plus, you don’t have to carry your equipment to the hill each time you visit. Just show up!

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New This Year:

  • All day rentals MUST be pre-booked. Visit our webstore to book.
  • Rentals associated with lessons are valid for the duration of the lesson only. If you would like to stay and use your rentals after your lesson is completed, you must purchase an additional 4hr rental package.
  • Snowboard boots can be rented individually. Due to safety concerns our ski boots can only be used with our rental skis and can only be rented as part of a rental package.
  • Multi-week lesson rentals will be pre-fitted. You will be asked to come in advance during pre-set dates to be fitted for your rentals. This will allow us to have your equipment pre-set for you before each lesson. (Note not all equipment may always be set up before arrival due to business levels)

  • 2020/2021 Rental Rates

Annual Ski or Snowboard Pkgs
12 & Under Ski or Snowboard Pkg (12 yrs & Under)
13 & Over Ski or Snowboard Pkg (13 yrs & Over)
Helmet Rental
2020/2021 Annual Ski or Snowboard Pkg
Individual Package $169.00
Family Package $309.00
2020/2021 12 & Under Pkg
4 hrs or less (helmet not included) $20.00
3pm - 9pm Servus Food Bank Fridays (helmet not included) $12.00
2020/2021 13 & Over Pkg
4 hrs or less (helmet not included) $25.00
3pm - 9pm Servus Food Bank Fridays (helmet not included) $12.00
2020/2021 Helmet Rental
4 hrs or less $5.00
3pm - 9pm Servus Food Bank Fridays $5.00

Unauthorized removal of rental equipment from Snow Valley Ski Club is prohibited.

All prices, dates and times are subject to change without notice.

How rentals work this season

Day Rentals:

For day rentals, you will need to purchase your rental package online BEFORE arriving at Snow Valley. When you arrive, you will check in at Guest Services, grab a waiver, and then fill it in at the desk. Bring the completed waiver to the rental shop and awat further directions from our helpful rental staff.

Lesson Rentals:

If you are participating in a multi-week lesson program and have purchased accompanying rentals, you will be invited to attend a pre-fit.

If you do not attend the pre-fit, you will follow the steps outlined above in "day rentals" on the first day, and the instructions below on following days.

If you have attended the pre-fit (or if it is not your first week of a lesson program) you will proceed in the main doors, and straight past Guest Services directly to the rental shop. Once you are there, give our Rental Staff your name, and we will collect your pre-fitted equipment.

  • Rental packages do NOT include helmet rentals. Helmets can be rented for an additional fee.
  • There are a few small lockers for shoes, etc. in the rental shop. As with the rest of the hill this season, please do not bring bags inside.
  • There are no cancellations/refunds on rentals. Click to view full refund policy.
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